Southside day of Action

On Saturday, April 22, Southside Community Center held a Community Day of Action where the Ithaca College Futures club was the main bunch of volunteers. This is the first project that the I.C. social activism organization has done and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. About 25 members from Futures helped conduct a trash sweep, mural painting and setting up for the main portion of the day. Futures Club came together in January of this year, dedicated to rallying up students who care, talking to the youth and conquering slactivism (talking about the issues and never actually doing anything about them). At the beginning of the semester the members split up into four groups: Environment, Women’s Rights as Human Rights, Health and Education. A project the Education group wished to conduct was a hands-on activity about recycling, which they promptly did using plastic bottles as pots for plants.

By Kylee Roberts