Hurricane Maria Relief Fundraising for Puerto Rico

Dear Friends and Family,

I run an organization at school called Futures. It’s a social activist group founded in the ideals of empathy, perspective taking and mindfulness all while promoting the idea that the youth has the power to challenge and change our future. Daily, we witness young adults who are passionate about social change and want to make a difference. Our goal is to tap the passions of those people and inspire them to use their voice as a college student to shape our future, as well as create a safe space for dialogue about uncomfortable issues.

This semester I am embarking on a project that also motivates me from a personal perspective. As all of you know, Hurricane Maria absolutely ravaged the island of Puerto Rico. Already plagued by imperialism and financial strain, Puerto Rico had to start from the ground up. Despite no longer being in the news, the island is still in disarray. Schools and hospitals still have no power, many residents have no access to clean water, and because the island is under jurisdiction of the U.S., they have to receive emergency relief funds from the government. Think about this: the U.S. has an imperialistic relationship to Puerto Rico, they have a representative in congress but that representative cannot vote. The 2016 Promesa Act declared that Puerto Rico was not a commonwealth, but merely a piece of land under congress’ possession. Because of this, congress consistently gives Puerto Rico less federal funding than states.

Another startling fact: the state with the lowest median household income is Mississippi, coming in at $40,593. Puerto Rico’s median household income is $18,626.

Puerto Rico still needs help and will for a long time to come. As an organization that wants to give back and support those in need, we are hoping we can count on our friends and family to donate, however little or much, toward this cause and help build back Puerto Rico. Every little bit makes a difference.

We have started a community fund under the Futures brand on The Hispanic Federation website. The Hispanic Federation is the same donation resource used by other prominent New Yorkers such as Lin-Manuel Miranda. Every dollar counts and 100% of the funds will go towards helping the people of Puerto Rico.

Feel free to contact me by email, text or give me a call if you have questions regarding the Futures organization or Puerto Rico itself. My number is 862-485-8820 and my email is

The link to the donation page is here:

Thank you again for your time and donation. Together, we have the power to make change.


Calvin Yohannan

Futures E-Board Member

Ithaca College 2019