Self Care and Health - Meeting 6

Life is a great balancing act, but sometimes self care and personal health are put by the wayside in favor of work and social life. At this Futures meeting we got introspective examining our own Self Care and Health practices. We delved into how we would split our time between school, social life, and self in an ideal world, and why it’s important to set aside time for yourself. Then we shifted to an activity, where everyone came up with a few things or activities that really make you happy. Afterwards, we examined the most recent time we actively set aside to for that specific thing or activity. In a larger group discussion, we talked about the obstacles that stand in the way of self care, and how we can overcome them. We brainstormed different elements to our own self care, and what each does to help us feel and live better. We then encouraged members to try one of someone’s self care practices and see if it can be a technique they use as well. Self care practices were quite diverse, ranging from meditation, music therapy, to venting. This relates to social activism, because you can’t help others if you aren’t helping yourself. To use an analogy, an empty battery has no power to give, but a fully charged battery, that can be sufficiently recharged, is able to give off the most productive energy.