Internet and Privacy - Meeting 9

Are you ever conscious of the content and data you upload to your social media sites or even your professional profile like LinkedIn? This is something to consider when providing information on the world wide web whether it be personal or socio-political. We tend to underestimate these things because social media and the internet is so casually used by many people. It's so easy to glance over important information and privacy information that come up in the “terms and conditions” pages.

In this meeting, we began with a spiel by one of our members, Mia Bushby, who is involved in Habitat for Humanity here on ICs Campus. She introduced the homelessness crisis that is going on in Ithaca,Ny as well as the initiatives that are being taken to combat this issue. Following Mias presentation on how we can get involved, two of the E-Board members (Candace Cross and Juwan Bennett) gave a 5 minute introduction to the use of the internet and internet privacy. We touched on the importance of how to use the internet as tool for social activism such as creating hashtags for movements such as #blacklivesmatter. We also mention the infamous Cambridge Analytica Study as well as Net Neutrality. We then opened a discussion to all of the club members present and distributed a few questions to a few of them. The individuals that had the questions would ask them in the group discussion either freely or when they felt that it it fit with what we were specifically talking about during the conversation. The conversation itself sparked as we mentioned the use of social media becoming more and more influential in terms of politics and personal image.

Overall, The internet can be easily used as a tool for better or worst, so it's up to you on how you use it based on the information you put out there and the info you receive.