Food, Exercise and Health - Meeting 12

The meeting first started with a spiel from members of IC Color, a club that advocates for LGBTQ+/POC representation within the religious communities of Ithaca College. The spiel addressed the state of the campus funding homophobic organizations. We then switched gears and had members team up and take a quiz regarding food systems in our country: because food is a social justice issue. The big question to consider is, who gets to eat what and why do they get to eat it? Additionally, how does that effect our health and life expectancy? This is a very complex issue that deserves a lot of attention today. Afterward we had a speed dating activity in which members gave each other exercise tips and shared things such as what their favorite healthy meal to cook is. We ended the meeting with a flower potting session as it encouraged spreading life! Everyone was able to welcome spring warmly with their own brand new flower seeds and pots. Similar to flowers, the youth is blossoming.