Drug Culture- Meeting 11

Drug culture has become an important facet of culture in America as a whole, and college students in particular are twice as prone to abuse than their non-enrolled counterparts. Thus, at this Futures meeting we asked members to talk about their relationship with drugs, and designed questions to get people to talk about the different factors which affect their use patterns. The meeting started with Merydith giving an insightful spiel on how marijuana can actually be used to bolster athletic performance. She dispelled different myths regarding marijuana and sports, and then used real life examples of major leagues, such as the NFL, who are reevaluating their policies based off of new scientific research.  Following the spiel Ben and Mihir gave an introductory presentation to the meeting. They talked about several different drugs that are widely abused on college campuses, including marijuana, Adderall, alcohol, and LSD. in order to set the stage for the discussion portion of the meeting the presentation covered the effects of these various drugs, and laid out pros, cons, and rationales people may have for using substances. We then moved into the discussion portion of the meeting, everyone broke up into small group and discussed their relationship with certain substances based off certain prompts. At the end of the meeting we convened in a group discussion to talk about certain factors people which may lead people to do drugs, and how their use patterns have evolved with time. Many people brought up that school was a huge stressor which exacerbated use. Others cited that since getting to college they feel as if they have a better grip on how to balance use with school, sports, and other extracurricular activities. Coming away from the meeting there was a consensus from many members that drug culture is complicated subject, but that the most important thing about using drugs is that if you are going to partake it is important to maintain a balance with other aspects of one’s life.