Active Citizenship - Meeting 10

We believe that we the youth have the power to change and create our future. We can do this by being active citizens in our community, country, and world. In a democracy, we have a voice, and a responsibility, to be engaged in our election process. But how to stay involved otherwise? This meeting pushed our members to problem solve on a national and local basis. Creative thinking and problem solving is one of many ways to get involved in change making. In groups, attendees worked to come up with creative interventions for problems like pollution, money in politics, gender equity, mental health, and police brutality. After warming up our brains with creative thinking, members broke into groups based on topics they were interested in addressing locally in the City of Ithaca. Some of these topics included, tackling the homelessness issue in Ithaca, mental health, transportation, biased media, and sustainability. From bike share programs, to clothing swaps, to podcasts- our members put on a passionate display of different strategies to tackle big issues. The takeaway from this meeting, is that there are so many different ways to get involved and be an active citizen. Whether it be through voting, or starting a social media hashtag, there are so many opportunities for us to make a difference. Never feel powerless, because we, the youth, are going to build ourselves a better future- every way we can.