Examining Privilege - Meeting 8

The purpose of this meeting was to open peoples eyes in the sense that there are both people who have more privilege than they might have, but at the same time there are also many more people that would trade for what they have. While doing this, we had people take a simple questionnaire in the beginning with some questions such as “Do you have a car?”, “Do you have access to clean drinking water?” or “Do you have to worry about if you can buy healthy food or not?” We then had people break off into small groups and discuss these questions even more to have sharing of perspective. After, we had people meet with someone they didn’t know that attended the meeting and we asked them questions in the style of speed dating where they only had about 30-60 seconds to answer.

We targeted the fact that often it’s easy for people to realize what they don’t have, however, it’s hard for many people to realize what they do have. Furthermore, to be hungry for what you don’t have, while also being grateful for what you do have.